brave young hearts

  • About us

    We have a passion for helping children with life threatening diseases.

    • Our Mission

      We grant adventures to all children with terminal or life-threatening provide a chance at normal!!!

      What we are about

      Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to somewhere really special? You plan and dream, and dream and plan, and as the day draws near, your excitement and anticipation make you feel like you’re going to burst! Then it happens,... and it’s everything you ever hoped it would be!!!

      The roller coaster effect: once you start the ride, you anticipate that first really big hill...and then... You’re off in a swoosh!!!! Excitement abounds!!!! As soon as the ride is over, you want to do that again!!

      So it is with children that are enduring the fight against terminal or life-threatening diseases. Maybe, just maybe...they dream and plan and plan and dream of doing something special. This is the reason Brave Young Hearts exists, to grant an adventure, a chance at normal for these kiddos.

      Is there an adventure waiting for someone you know?


    Kerry Slaven

    "Papa Bear"


    Papa Bear and (Diane Slaven) Mama Bear’s Granddaughter, Bethany, got to go to Give Kids The World (a fantasy village for families of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses) as part of her “Wish Trip” through Make-A-Wish. After her passing, at age 4 ½, from brain tumors in 2005...the Bears have, for the last 10 years, taken their annual 2 week vacation to volunteer as Papa Bear and Mama Bear at Give Kids The World in Kissimmee, Florida.

    Papa Bear also served 9 years as the Journey Coordinator with Joseph’s Journey. Joseph’s Journey provides outdoor Journeys for children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses in Colorado. Kerry resigned from Joseph’s Journey in March of 2015 with a desire to create Brave Young Hearts as a dedication to Bethany.

    Papa Bear's mission is to help a kiddo forget, for even one minute, that they are sick, or about hospitals, or their treatments....and see them have a chance at normal!

    Dave Ogard

    Vice President

    Dave has helped to sponsor an annual youth hunt with the Narrows Duck Club. He is also an integral volunteer/coordinator for the annual “Shoot for Alex” to raise money to help offset the financial burden of hospitals and treatment for families of children with cancer.

    Diane Slaven


    Diane, along with Kerry, takes an annual two-week vacation to volunteer as Mama Bear, and Kerry as Papa Bear, at Give Kids The World in Kissimmee, Florida, to honor her first granddaughter, Bethany, who passed away in 2005 at age 4 ½ from brain tumors. Bethany got to go to Give Kids The World (a fantasy village for families of children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses) as part of her “Wish Trip” through Make-A-Wish.
    Diane has also volunteered many times for the annual Fishing Derby with Joseph’s Journey. Diane says, "I found healing (from the loss of Bethany) in trying to help others through similar situations."

    Teryn Webster


    Teryn has a passion for helping others. She has done many volunteer experiences including Adam’s Camp for 10 years, volunteer firefighter for 11 years, and a member of the CSCA board for the past 3 years. Teryn currently works as a RN. Along with her professional aspirations Teryn loves spending time with her family especially outdoors.

    Keith Gardner


    Keith has worked on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations and been a volunteer for many other groups working with kids over the past 20 years. He enjoys being outdoors and working with others helping them to enjoy the outdoors as well.

    Chris DeArment


    Chris has 8 years experience as a Caregiver, and brings that nurturing spirit and desire to serve to Brave Young Hearts.

    Professional pictures courtesy of Charlie O's Photography