brave young hearts

  • Adventure 7

    8 to 9 October 2017
    Disneyland, Anaheim, California

    Andrew, who lives in Arizona and is skirmishing with Cerebral Palsy, requested to go to Disneyland in Anaheim, CA for his birthday and enjoy a character breakfast with his favorite hambone…Stitch!! Since Andrew was going to be in Southern California for his birthday anyway….to learn how to surf, with another Foundation…enter Brave Young Hearts!

    Let’s pick up the story from Andrew…..

    “That's where my new friends come in! My new friend Papa Bear and all the folks at Brave Young Hearts said, "We can make that happen!" So my birthday wish is coming true in every way! We are SOOOO grateful for this blessing!

    Papa Bear and his awesome wife started Brave Young Hearts in honor and memory of their precious granddaughter, Bethany, who was called to Heaven way too soon. Now they do MUCH each year for other children who have significant medical challenges so that Bethany's beautiful legacy will live on. Bethany was affectionately known as Princess Buttercup and I am thanking her as well for sharing her love and light with so many others. If you go to their Facebook page you will see a beautiful picture posted that honors Princess Buttercup.

    Each of these foundations have come together with a blessing EXPLOSION for a young boy they don't even know...ME!...and we are so grateful! My birthday will be so wonderful thanks to them and all who support them”.

    Then on his birthday, Andrew further states...

    “Hey hey hey! It's my 11th Birthday TODAY! I started it with my favorite funny guy, Stitch.and my pals Mickey, Minnie and Daisy too! So fun! Cake with breakfast too!! Woo hoo! HUGE THANK YOU to my friends at Brave Young Hearts for paying for the awesome Disney parts of my blessing trip! We so appreciate these blessings!

    The Birthday Boy”

    Guessing that this was one overjoyed young man!!!!

    Andrew’s Mom wrote
    “HUGE THANK YOU to Papa Bear and EVERYONE at Brave Young Hearts for making this birthday blessing come true for Andrew! He had a wonderful 11th birthday thanks to all of YOU! We are so appreciative of the JOY you created for our sweet warrior boy! He really needed some joy right now. He is going through a very hard time. And you all made it happen. THANK YOU!!