brave young hearts

  • Adventure 8

    30 November to 8 December 2017
    Cougar Hunt - Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

    A Heavens to Mergatroid thanks to Darryl, Joyce and Cody Sword with Whiteswan Lake Outfitters for providing the hunt, following its donation to them!!!!
    Credit goes to Mike and Patty from Tennessee for their generosity. Mike battles his own serious health issues as well. That is why he has asked that the hunt be donated to someone young with health issues and a love of hunting. Enter Nick, who is a passionate sportsman, great shot, and is in pursuit of annihilating that dreaded prey...Leukemia!!! Do you see that smile? It’s as big as a mile! To Canada they’re off To British Columbia, don’t scoff!! Nick on his Adventure, after a big cat! No time for this and surely not for that! A Puma, a Cougar, a stalker in the night... Might be coming home with Nick on the very next flight!!! Oh exuberance, ebullience, and exhilaration abound!!!! First day of his hunt, Nick does what many hunters don’t get a chance at...he dropped his Cougar opening morning!!!! Joyce wrote ”This young man made a perfect shot and landed this massive Tom. First day of the hunt!! We are thrilled to be part of Nick's dream hunt. Enthusiasm, energy and that big smile says it all. Thank you for the generous donation from Patty and Mike in collaboration with Brave Young Hearts”. Look closely at Nick lifting his prize...see that smile!! Yeah, that's what it's all about!!!